March 6, 2018

New Season!

Peters Motorsport had been frantically preparing and working hard behind the scenes testing these cars and getting the parity and set up correct, so the lead up to Adelaide was pretty crazy for all involved and it is a credit to everyone at Peters Motorsport that we had two race ready and fast Mazda BT-50'S on the grid ready to rumble! Brett Peters, Rod Dawson and the whole team you guys have been nothing short of amazing and it is an absolute privilege to drive for you, you guys love winning races just as much as i do which works well!

From the time West End Mazda delivered the cars to Pace innovations, the team has been flat out building both Superutes, and a new Torana for Ryan Hansford which will be completed soon, along with prepping his current Torana and getting the spares and everything else ready for Adelaide for all 3 cars!

We initially had some oil and engine temp issues in the first shake downs that we quickly got on top of with some testing at Queensland raceway, Rod Dawson and Jivan Silva were relentless in the pursuit of reliability and Shannon was awesome with getting the cars sorted and assisting them in the lead up to Adelaide.

The car looked Amazing on track thanks to an epic design by Blackbeard ltd, a designer based out of Seattle in the USA and Rad Visual who wrapped the car, along with both team transporters also designed by Blackbeard, Rad Visual had a tight turn around time but managed to get both transporters wrapped with some late nights at the new Coomera factory.

EFS 4X4 ACCESSORIES have been so great to deal with and it is such a good feeling to have a brand behind me and excited for the season ahead, Col Cortina first introduced me to General Manager Clayton Mortensen last year and the enthusiasm they showed towards this new look series lifted my spirits and had me heading into 2018 very excited, they are an awesome bunch and i will be doing all i can to deliver them results and pump the brand every chance i get.

West End Mazda have been so supportive and it was very special for me to deliver the Mazda brand and the West End Mazda dealerships Pole position and the first ever SUPERUTES race win, along with a race 3 victory and the fastest time on track in every session at the Adelaide 500 event, the cars look great and it was a very proud moment for me personally to reward them with a page in the record books with that first race win, they have been right behind me since 2014 and i am so appreciative of the relationship we have had, Jamie McKnight and Terry and Adam Dodd thank you so much for the support over the years, it is exciting to finally see this new series come to life after years of planning!

I am also very lucky to have some amazing personal sponsors this season,John Moran from HARDLINE GROUP is not only a good mate i have known since high school, but also a long time supporter of my racing.

Another good mate is Andy Smith from DYNAMIC HYDRO EXCAVATIONS, i am so pumped to have them on board this year they are rapidly growing along the east coast of Australia.

BIGSHOT DRINKS first came on board at Newcastle last year, and this season have stepped up for the whole year, such a cool fun brand to be associated with and it is great to see them grow, so much flavour and fun in a can!

STO PROPERTY MAINTENENCE another local company right behind me, Stephen Tickner and Katrina Barr are great friends of my wife Casey and i and i am stoked to have them on board for this season, i am very lucky to not only have some great companies behind me, but the great friends behind those companies as well!

NEOPOST GROUP have also committed for this season, my signage company have been dealing with NEOPOST for years with signage media and the awesome HP latex printers! Our whole set up is from NEOPOST from the laminator and print vinyl, right thru to the latest HP latex printer which we could not live without!

BUYRITE STEEL SUPPLIES are on board for another season,these guys are growing and i am proud to be associated with them, they deliver a great quality product and focus on a service that is second to none.

AUSTRALIAN BITUMEN SERVICES another local company, it is so great to have local support as i see them all on a regular basis and David Coghlan is a good mate and loves racing and winning! He was in Adelaide for my first victory in the SUPERUTES and his support from AUSTRALIAN BITUMEN SERVICES is very much appreciated.

HOLDEN CAPITOL Dan Holden is kicking some serious goals in the Construction Finance game in Australia, with a rapidly growing company and Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Offices it is great to have such a fast growing and fresh company behind me, Dan is right into his cars and it was awesome to have his whole team come and experience the Ferrari race cars on my track day.

KEMP LAW Michael Kemp is another local friend supporting my dreams, KEMP LAW are on the rise and rightly so, they are so good at what they do and have such a great team with so much experience.


Keep an eye out for @ryalharris


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